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Divinity, or devilish dash, is in the detail. And no attention to detail has greater impact then the addition of a well-considered pair of cufflinks. William & Son’s unrivalled collection, including double-panel and swivel-bar styles and for French kissing cuffs and single barrel-style cuffs, has something for every occasion. We have just the thing for the early morning pow wow to early evening cocktails and beyond: for the restrained classicist, circles of engine-turned mother of pearl set in a softened-edge squares of 18ct rose gold for instance, and the showman, who might prefer to roll with 18ct diamond set dice. Materials range from precious metals set with gemstones, from rubies and sapphires to onyx and lapis, to more affordable enamel; and designs from the elegantly abstract, down-scaled wearable sculpture, to whimsical tributes to a particular passion.
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