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Unique Commissions

Craft and craftsmanship is the foundation of everything we do at William & Son. A bespoke service is available across our various departments and our team of experts will work collaboratively with our clients to make unique commissions come to life.

The two factories we own across the United Kingdom, where we produce country clothing and cashmere apparel, allow us to ensure the highest quality and standards of products. We also partner with the most experienced jewellery and silver ateliers to ensure impeccable creations.

Our commitment is excellence in every detail coupled with an exceptional service. We are happy to offer our expertise and a personalised approach to fulfil any of our clients’ desires.

Our team of experts put their unique dedication and technical knowledge to work on any one-off request, be it extravagant, playful or personal, and create a custom-made piece that precisely fulfils our clients’ requirements.

Bespoke pianos, music boxes, gem-encrusted tables and objets d’art are just a few examples of what we have created and we like to say that at William & Son, all things are possible, the only limitation is your imagination.