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A thousand hours in the making, a William & Son fully bespoke shotgun or rifle is a thing of unique beauty, perfect balance and finely tuned firepower. The commissioning of a William & Son gun is an active engagement with a series of hugely experienced artisans and craftsmen, from initial consultation in the gunroom with our resident gunsmith, close study on the shooting range to first action in the field.
After we have studied you shooting, specialist barrel makers and actioners begin to work while a stocker hand carves and shapes richly grained walnut to create a gun as fitted to your form and fancy as a bespoke suit. The hand engraving - not superfluous detail but the celebration of an ancient art and an integral feature of the finest guns - is done to your choice of design. Such is our commitment to making guns of the absolute highest quality that we only take on a few commissions a year. This is not something to be rushed. Not by us anyway. A William & Son gun is a serious investment in every sense but it is an investment in the most remarkable of objects; tool and treasure.

We understand that the commitment to a fully bespoke shotgun is not for everyone. And that even if you do commit, you may need a high-quality stand-in while you wait. That’s why William and Son also carries an extensive range of used guns from other fine gunmakers. Our in-house team, experts in the field, is constantly on the look out for guns and rifles that meet our exacting standards and is expert in finding your perfect fit.

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