Patrick Mavros Silver Crocodile Paperknife


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Solid Silver Crocodile Paperknife by Patrick Mavros

Every Patrick Mavros silver sculpture is made using the ancient technique of lost wax casting, refined over many years in their own workshop to yield exceptional results.

Hand made in Mauritius

Brand Story: Crocodiles are fascinating creatures, with a deadly, functional grace and an amazing survival record that stretches back to prehistory. They are found in all the waterways of Africa from the north to the south. An average adult croc measures around 15 feet long and weigh over two tons. The largest ever recorded was a monster of 23 feet (7 metres)! They are extremely successful predators, stalking their prey from the cover of water. On the surface, their ‘log’ disguise allows them to drift unnoticed up to the river bank where animals come to drink. They then sink and move closer, surging out of the water to grab their prey, sometimes using ther powerful tails to sweep a larger animal off its feet. Big crocs are extremely strong and fast, and can easily pull an adult buffalo into the water. Small crocodiles hunt mostly fish. Crocodiles make a deep, unearthly hissing sound, or a roar when fighting. Crocs can stay underwater for over an hour, surfacing very slowly and gently to breathe. They bask motionless in the sun on the banks of the river or waterhole, but can move very fast when disturbed, raised up on quite long legs, and running lizard-like for the water. The only animal that a crocodile respects is a fully grown hippopotamus.

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