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Fine jewellery is where William & Son truly shines, handcrafting stunning one-off pieces and entire collections in our British workshops and offering an unrivalled, all-challenges-welcome bespoke service. Our in-house gemologist secures the finest stones for brilliant necklaces, simply stunning tennis bracelets or engagement rings, creating one-of-a-kind wonders that meet your specifications but always exceed your expectations.

William & Son’s in-house jewellery collections are a perfect example of our design team’s artistry and passion. Ranging from bold contemporary pieces, such as those in the The London Collection to luxury classics with a twist such as pieces from our Beneath The Rose Collection and versatile pieces such as those in the Sweet Pea Collection. In 2016 William & Son introduced its first bridal jewellery collection:The Lumiere Collection available in three exquisite diamond shapes. Lumiere"s elegant and sophisticated design allows natural light to suffuse through the setting, allowing the stone to sparkle with incomparable brilliance.

Our gemologist also sources a collection of beautiful vintage jewellery. These are historical pieces of the highest quality, secured at auction or private sale, with stories to tell and a part to play in stories yet to be written.

In 2014, William & Son launched for the first time the concept of ‘Artist-in-Residence’, dedicated to showcasing the finest new jewellery designers. Since then, our Head of Jewellery selects a young jewellery brand every year who displays a unique sensibility but also an assured touch with materials. Given a yearlong residency in our Designer Corner, their collections are offered exclusively through William & Son.
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